1. Norway spruce
The Norway Spruce is a beautiful tree but does not hold its needles well, and should be purchased just a week or so before December 25th. The National Christmas Tree Association notes that the “overall color of Norway spruce is fair to excellent, but needle retention is considered poor unless the trees are cut fresh and kept properly watered.”

This is the traditional British Christmas tree which has been popular since Victorian times. The bright green Norway Spruce has a lovely scent but quickly drops its dense, spiky needles, so if you’re keen on this variety, wait until later in December and make sure you water it regularly.

2. Nordmann Fir
Increasingly popular in Britain, the Nordmann fir is now Britain’s biggest selling Christmas tree. It’s slightly more expensive than a Norway spruce and has little fragrance however, it crucially retains its needles for longer. The trees, which were originally found in south Russia, have a reliably symmetrical shape and dark green broad needles. The foliage is soft and glossy, which make it child-friendly.

3. Blue spruce
A  Blue Spruce has a nice pyramidal shape with strong limbs that can hold heavy ornaments. The Blue Spruce is known for its lovely blue foliage which can also appear silvery. If your decorating scheme does not include this bluish tint, this tree may not be right for your home.

The needles of this tree have a lovely silver-blue color, though they are rather prickly. The tree holds its needles well and they generally have a good symmetrical form.

4. Fraser fir
The Fraser Fir may be the perfect holiday tree. It’s attractive 1″ needles are silvery-green and soft to the touch. Because there is space between the branches, the Fraser is easier to decorate than some trees. The firm branches hold heavier ornaments. The trees grow to almost perfect shapes, and as long as the cut tree is kept properly watered, the Frasier Fir has excellent needle retention.

It’s not dissimilar in shape to the Norway spruce, but popular American fir the Fraser doesn’t drop its needles as quickly. It also has a more narrow base – making it ideal for tight spaces. It’s now the best selling Christmas tree in the US, and also has a lovely, aromatic fragrance. The Obama family are pictured taking delivery one for the White House in 2012.

5. Serbian spruce
Similar to the Norway spruce, but with an attractive blue underside to the needles. These trees are quite slender, so are suited to smaller homes. They’re very popular in central Europe.

6. Douglas fir
A Douglas Fir is beautiful Christmas tree with soft, shiny green needles. It may be difficult to decorate if the branches have been sheared into a perfect conical shape, leaving too little space between branches to hang decorations. If this variety of tree is available, you might want to take an unbreakable ornament with you when you buy a tree to see if you can put decorations on it. Choose a Douglas Fir that is freshly cut and keep it well watered.

Very popular in the US since the 1920s, the Douglas fir has soft, dark green or blue green needles. The tree is popular for its good needle retention and a lovely citrus fragrance.

7. Lodgepole pine
Native to the US, this tree’s straight stems were supposedly once used by Native Americans as the central pole for their wigwams. It’s a bushy tree with yellowy-green needles and is very good for needle retention.

9. Scotch pine
You’ll want to wear gloves when decorating a Scotch Pine since its needles can be sharp as pins! Also, due to heavy shearing, there may be little space between branches for ornaments. The National Christmas Tree Association notes “the Scotch pine is known for its excellent needle retention and good keepability. It resists drying and if permitted to become dry does not drop its needles.”

Sightly less common, the Scots pine is a native tree with bright, blue-green foliage and a lovely fragrance. The needles are quite sharp. Excellent needles retention as they don’t fall, even when dry.

10. The Grand Fir
The Grand Fir has a glossy dark green color with needles that are 1 to 1 1/2 inches long. This tree is soft to the touch and may not be able to hold heavier ornaments. It’s a pretty tree that grows as high as 300 feet, and it’s becoming more popular for homes.

11. The Balsam Fir
The Balsam Fir is a beautiful dark-green color with airy, flexible branches that may not be able to hold heavy ornaments. It has an attractive form, it holds its needles well, and gives off a pleasant fragrance for your home.

12. White Fir (Concolor Fir)
The National Christmas Tree Association notes that “Needles are usually 1/2 to 1 1/2 inch long, pointed or notched at the tip, bluish-green when young turning dull green with age … As a Christmas tree, white fir has good foliage color, a pleasing natural shape and aroma, and good needle retention.”

13. Eastern White Pine
Branches from the White Pine are often used in garlands, wreaths, and centerpieces due to their long, feathery, soft needles. Though it is a beautiful tree, branches can be a bit too flexible to support heavier decorations. Its lush fullness also makes it difficult to squeeze in ornaments. The White Pine needles last a long time when properly watered.

Christmas Tree Farms

Dyker Tree works with more then 10 different tree farms on the east coast to make sure we are able to select some of the best trees for our New York Lot.

Unangst Tree Farms, LLC
Christmas Tree Farm
7317 Bath Pike, Bath, PA 18014
(610) 837-7531

Unangst Tree Farm

Christmas Hill Tree Farm
Christmas Tree Farm
185 Elm St, Guilford, CT 06437
(203) 457-0200

Mike’s Christmas Tree Farm
Christmas Tree Farm
323 Weeks Ave, Manorville, NY 11949
(631) 874-3551

Christmas Tree Lot at The Home Depot
Christmas Tree Farm
101 Green Acres Rd W, Valley Stream, NY 11581
(516) 823-0700

Home Depot

Matt’s Christmas Tree Farm
Christmas Tree Farm
305 Weeks Ave, Manorville, NY 11949
(631) 874-6260

Carter Christmas Tree Farm
Christmas Tree Farm
123 N Country Rd, Miller Place, NY 11764

Santas Christmas Tree Farm
Christmas Tree Farm
30105 Main Rd, Cutchogue, NY 11935
(631) 734-8641

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Crete Plantations Seasonal Christmas tree lot
Christmas Tree Farm
140 NJ-23, Pompton Plains, NJ 07444
(800) 663-7733

Anne Ellen Christmas Tree Farm
Christmas Tree Farm
114 Daum Rd, Manalapan Township, NJ 07726
(732) 786-9277

Perfect Christmas Tree Farm
Christmas Tree Farm
999 US-22, Phillipsburg, NJ 08865
(908) 387-1225

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Towill’s Christmas Tree Farm
Christmas Tree Farm
370 Harwinton Ave, Plymouth, CT 06782
(860) 283-9436

Towill's Christmas Tree Farm

If you would like to add your Christmas tree Farm to this list please contact us at ad@dykertree.com.  Text only is Free to add to this page.  There are additional charges for custom ad and logos.

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